We Can Help You Put the Entire
BIM Workflow in Your Toolbelt

Applied Software’s Construction Technology Group provides a wide variety of in-depth services
including strategic planning, implementation and training, consulting, and project management.
We are able to assist you at any phase of the construction project, from early concept design through final
  • We provide in-depth knowledge of proven construction technology solutions. 
  • We are always focused on providing an overall solution based on industry experience and end-user feedback. 
  • Our knowledge of current technologies and their application is second to none.
  • Our technical advisors all have real-world experience in construction. They utilize their
    construction knowledge to improve workflows and address pain points, so we can mentor you as you
    practically apply the technology solutions we provide.
  • We also proactively search for new innovative strategies, tools, and solutions to help our clients streamline design and consolidate documentation.